Treasure Hunter
The Treasure Hunter is the Peter Pan of the Geek Zodiac. To you life is one big adventure—the more excitement and variation you can pursue and create in your life the better.

You can think on your feet, making quick decisions that almost always lead you to your treasure. Your ability to live and operate in the moment means that you often prefer to work alone on your quests, saving your need for others for social occasions.

As a Treasure Hunter, you absorb information from all that you read and hear, and you usually master all that you choose to learn to the point of brilliance. But with this comes a need to be in control of all that goes on around you, as well as a need to judge those you feel may not possess the same intelligence and mastery as you do.

If you are born under this sign you will never be content because you are always looking to explore and expand your horizons.

It is the Treasure Hunter’s destiny to acquire and deliver that formidable bounty of knowledge to all who wish to learn and not to discriminate between who is worthy of this and who is not.
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NAME: Dr. Agatha Helstaff

SIGN: Treasure Hunter

FACET: Rogue

AGE: 24

SEX: Female

ERA: 1930s

NATIONALITY: Mexico-England (dual-citizenship)

ETHNICITY: Hispanic/Caucasian


ASPECT: Spirit


POSITIVES: Adventurous, Cultured, Quick-Thinking

NEGATIVES: Loner, Cavalier, Cynical

BACKGROUND: Agatha is an accomplished treasure hunter and adventurer who uses her considerable knowledge in archeology, anthropology and linguistics to track down and acquire priceless artifacts for museums and cultural sanctuaries. The descendant of a long line of rogues and thieves (the Pirate, Edmund “Deadeye” Pike, is her direct ancestor), Agatha is well-versed in her family's tricks of the trade, yet finds herself seeking to use these skills as a force for good and for cultural understanding. Her very raison d'etre as a treasure hunter stems from her desire for the Helstaf name to be viewed with positivity rather than scorn. The holy grail of her quest is an ancient tablet known as The Cycle of the 12 Kingdoms. Though believed by many to be a map to 12 lost civilizations, Agatha instead sees it as depicting the destruction of the world, with each Kingdom representing the 12 archetypes of existence. What she doesn't know is that this tablet is the means by which she will travel to the future to help save the world from The Entrope.

[Though only 24, Agatha is the most worldly of the members of The Continuum, having explored six of the seven continents in an effort to expand knowledge of various cultures. As such, she not only provides a historical context for the group's missions, she's also utterly fearless and able to make quick extrapolations based on limited information, making her a key asset in the field.]




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