Treasure HunterJames Wright
{Creator, Writer, Spy}
James’s Blog

James Wright is your self-admitted ubergeek who grew up on comic books. “I was raised on Spider-Man and The New Mutants,” thanks to his dad, an avid comics fan. He later delved into Manga by way of translations of Blade of the Immortal and moved to Japan, where his fascination with comics only intensified. Manga added to his understanding of what comics could be beyond the superhero comics of his youth. Using the creativity and imagination garnered from both arenas, he focused his energies on building his own worlds. James can speak about everything and anything—from astrophysics, to Greek mythology, to the X Men. So, it’s only natural he would use his talents to create—surprise, surprise—The Geek Zodiac, a multi-layered epic that mixes his eclectic knowledge with peoples’ secret addiction: horoscopes. “I simply thought of my geeky friends and their interests in robots, ninjas, pirates and zombies, mixed in the old Chinese horoscope, and voila the Geek Zodiac was born!”

Treasure Hunter
Joshua G. Eckert
{Illustrator, Designer, Wizard}
Josh’s Blog
Joshua G. Eckert is that artist you envy because it’s so unfair he was given gobs and gobs of gifts. Yeah, he’s that talented! Call him Indiana’s best kept secret, and you won’t be lying. His skills are up there with the top comic book artists. As a child of two artists, “I dabbled in a variety of art forms growing up, but the one I wanted to do most was to tell a good story.” Josh and James met online as fans of the noir-infused comics series 100 Bullets. James mentioned the idea of the Geek Zodiac and Josh put pen to paper. When they posted the Zodiac Wheel on line, it went viral globally and garnered thousands of hits almost overnight. Fans wanted more. James and Josh are working to develop a daily Geek horoscope, a debut Geek comic, a Geek TV series, and line of Geek products. “It seemed to take on a life of its own,’ Josh remains amazed. “I’m in it for the long haul, no doubt. This thing is just too much of a blast.”




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