Ninja / Samurai
Never doubt that there are always two identities to deal with when you interact with a Ninja/Samurai. Both can be deadly and the ability to switch from one to the other is instant and often imperceptible to the naked eye.

An idealist at heart, your confidence and ability to bluff your way through life can cover up a much more devious and proud alter-ego, which you must always guard against.

You are a multi-talented person who can skip from talent to gift with ease. However, learning to master your skills is something you don’t often pay enough attention to. Being the “jack of all trades and the master of none” is often a Ninja/Samurai’s downfall in life. So, until you learn to focus, your determination and talents can easily be wasted.

Acting impulsively makes you exciting yet unpredictable to be around which can be dire and even deadly for those who choose to oppose you and/or align themselves with you.

As a Ninja/Samurai, it is your destiny in life to become the master of your thoughts and actions and to use your versatility and diverse talents for the greater good, not just for your own entertainment and pleasure.
Character Header

NAME: Hotaru

SIGN: Ninja

FACET: Rogue

AGE: 18

SEX: Female

ERA: 15th Century




ASPECT: Spirit


POSITIVES: Active, Confident, Decisive

NEGATIVES: Proud, Impatient, Violent


NAME: Hirakawa Hisakage

SIGN: Samurai

FACET: Fighter

AGE: 18

ERA: 15th Century






POSITIVES: Humble, Patient, Honorable

NEGATIVES: Passive, Subservient, Indecisive

BACKGROUND: Separated at birth as part of a devil's bargain between warring ninja and samurai clans, the twins Hotaru and Hisakage, grew up with knowledge of the other's existence. Hotaru, the elder, was brought up in the wilderness by a secret clan of kunoichi (female ninja). Hisakage, the younger, was raised by his distinguished samurai father and trained in Bushido since childhood. Unfortunately, the twins' personalities and strengths do not lie in their respective worlds. Despite her prowess in stealth and misdirection, Hotaru is deemed too combative and too much a firebrand to be entrusted with serious missions. This earns her the name Hotaru (“Firefly). Hisakage, meanwhile, is expected to lead his samurai clan upon his father's death, but has no heart for war or bloodshed, seeking peaceful resolution to any conflict. Though he carries a sword as a step toward appeasing his father, he refuses to draw it, fighting with it sheathed.

The chief goal of the Hotaru's ninja clan was getting the Scroll of the 12 Daimyo, a listing of the movements and strengths of 12 samurai leaders, while the goal of Hisakage's samurai clan was to get the Scroll of the 12 Shadows, detailing the location of the 12 ninja clans in the area. Hotaru's master and Hisakage's father hoped their young charges would be able to help obtain these documents, but soon saw there is no future for them in their respective clans. The twins were then exiled into the wilderness. But fate has other plans for them, and as they wander the woods trying to figure out what comes next, they happen upon each other...




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