Born under this sign means your greatest gift is your ability to be unique and innovative in every way.

The Astronaut spends so much time in the realm of the greater Universe that you can tend to become detached from the real world. You have your own agenda and constantly think outside the box to fulfil it.

You prefer to work things out in your own precise methods that you developed and finessed over time. Although you will happily work with others for the greater good, you need to be allowed your independent thought process and path to answers. As an Astronaut, you tend to be forward thinking, but you need at times to “get real” if you want to be understood and accepted as part of the team.

The kindness that you are capable of is legendary, but you dispense it from a distance because the Astronaut has no time for drama and emotional upheaval—you are here to change the world and that is where your focus and intent will always lie.

Your destiny as an Astronaut is to be able to come down to earth and happily embrace all that makes you different, so you can make practical use of your unique talents.
Character Header

NAME: Gabriel Grimes

SIGN: Astronaut

FACET: Scholar

AGE: 27

SEX: Male

ERA: 1969


ETHNICITY: African-American




POSITIVES: Bold, Team-Oriented, Precise

NEGATIVES: Untethered, Distant, Controlling

BACKGROUND: Gabriel is a genius-level astrophysicist who is as impressive at the controls of air- and spacecraft as he is at a university blackboard. He made his name with his Theorem of the 12 Worlds, which posited 11 other Earth-like planets inhabiting the same location as ours, spread across 11 other planes of existence. In spite of all this, and in spite of the fact that he works at one of the secret bases for AEGIS*, he's been passed over for missions both public and private because of his race. But when a rendezvous in space with an artifact from one of the other 11 worlds from goes wrong, Grimes gets the call to lead the rescue mission. Not only does he successfully bring the stranded astronauts home, he is contacted by the alien artifact, which changes Grimes and his spacecraft forever, bonding man and machine in an unforeseen manner. Grimes' superiors have plans to extract the alien influence (and his new man-machine interface) from him, possibly killing him in the process. With his old employer after him, he goes on the run...

*Administration for the Exploration of Galactic and Interstellar Space.




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