The Spy operates undercover in every way. You love playing games, and often what you see is not what you get and you relish this.

Deeply secretive, intense and ruthless, you will do whatever it takes to find your power in life and take no prisoners along the way.

The Spy hates to be victimized by anyone or anything, yet there is a sensitivity underneath all the subterfuge. Meaning, you feel things a lot more deeply than you let on.

Once crossed, the Spy will move heaven and earth to seek vengeance. You have a sign that others want to have as an ally and never as your enemy unless they are prepared to be as dastardly and devious as you can be.

Highly intelligent and infinitely resourceful, the Spy does not stop until the mission is complete and the objective is reached. You never have any doubt that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, whatever the cost.

Your destiny as a Spy is to use your skill and intelligence to uncover what will benefit the entire Universe and not just your own need for secret desire for power and success.
Character Header

NAME: Eliot Sphinx (real name unknown)


FACET: Rogue

AGE: 30 (real age unknown)

SEX: Male

ERA: 1960s


ETHNICITY: Caucasian


ASPECT: Spirit


POSITIVES: Confident, Resourceful, Urbane

NEGATIVES: Duplicitous, Selfish, Remorseless

BACKGROUND: Sphinx is the very definition of mercurial. He's the super spy that all alleged super spies aspire to be. In fact, no one even knows his real name; Eliot Sphinx is simply what he's been known as most recently. While his age is listed as 30, he can be younger or older as the situation requires, he's intimately familiar with the customs and histories of countless nations, and if there is a language spoken he can probably speak it. A triple-agent adept at the double-cross, he is by no means flashy but rather virtually invisible, such that you'd likely forget him minutes after having met him. Unfortunately, all of these skills were rendered moot when his employer double-crossed him, selling a list with his name—and those of eleven other key agents—to the highest bidder. To save his skin, Eliot has to get his hands on that List of the 12 Operatives.




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