A Daikaiju is a formidable opponent in life since your attention to detail, methodical learning and pure stubbornness will not allow you to give in, no matter what or who you are up against.

Those born under this sign are extremely sensitive to the words and actions of others and this creates a huge amount of compassion and humanity within. Although you have a strong sense of what is right and wrong, your own feelings and interpretations of events can often get in the way of what is truly going on.

As a Daikaiju, communication and the ability to say what you are feeling does not come readily, and this is often interpreted by the outside world as sullenness and lack of interest in the feelings of others.

Once someone crosses you, there is no going back. The ability to forgive and forget is not part of your natural make up and this is what compels a Daikaiju to fight on until the death.

A Daikaiju’s destiny is never to “bend without breaking,” which ends up being the your worst enemy as well as your greatest ally.
Character Header

NAME: Miranda

SIGN: Daikaiju

FACET: Stranger

AGE: 13

SEX: Female

ERA: 1950s


ETHNICITY: Afro-Brazilian




POSITIVES: Indomitable Will, Compassionate, Humane

NEGATIVES: Lonely, Misunderstood, Destructive

BACKGROUND: Miranda was the subject of various invasive experimental procedures. Her trials, however, came at the hands of fugitive Nazi scientists hiding out in the remote forests of Brazil, as they hoped to create a new form of biological weapon. Though the youngest of the twelve orphaned girls at the center of this tragedy, Miranda possessed the most mental fortitude, and she soon discovered that as a result of these experiments she's able to transform into “Caliban,” a massive, destructive monster—a daikaiju—and thus made short work of her captors. Unfortunately, she was unable to sustain this form and, upon reverting to her 13-year-old form, was captured by Brazilian authorities with a mind toward further experimentation.

But there's more to Miranda than a Jekyll-and-Hyde girl who transforms into a giant monster. The other eleven victims of the fateful experiment were all linked together physically and psychically, but they all perished leaving Miranda ostensibly alone. However, their bond and Miranda's mental fortitude allowed Miranda to keep their consciousnesses alive within her, such that not only do they speak to her and advise her, but also that the transformation into “Caliban” is an explosion of the psychic energy held within her manifesting in the physical realm.




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