The Pirate always has eyes on the treasure but head in the clouds.

Others are naturally drawn to your sign by your charisma, creativity and love of life, though they are also wary that you cannot always be trusted. The world of fantasy and freedom pulls at the Pirate constantly, therefore your actions and experiences can take you away from what “should” be done into what you would like to see done.

You’re seen as restless and adventurous on one hand and unscrupulous and conniving on the other. For you the end justifies the means. You rush through life encapsulated in your own world of imagination and fantasy.

Focusing on the task at hand will often only work for a Pirate if there is something in it for him/her—whether it is excitement or material gain. So, although your charm and ability to express yourself make you a natural leader, you tend be a fence-sitter, and then suddenly sometimes you take sides impetuously.

The Pirate’s destiny is to harness ambition and imagination, which, when they fall in sync, take you where you need to go in life for all the right reasons.
Character Header

NAME: Edmund “Deadeye” Pike

SIGN: Pirate

FACET: Rogue

AGE: 32

SEX: Male

ERA: 16th Century


ETHNICITY: Caucasian


ASPECT: Spirit


POSITIVES: Natural Leader, Charismatic, Cunning

NEGATIVES: Restless, Untrustworthy, Avaricious

BACKGROUND: Captain Edmund Pike once counted himself among Queen Elizabeth's most trusted triumvirate, a trio that also included her spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham and famous captain Sir Francis Drake. Much like Drake, Pike was a sailor of nearsuperhuman acclaim, yet while Drake was ostensibly the face of the British Empire at sea, Pike acted as the Empire's dirty hands keeping it alive. Loyal almost to a fault, when tasked by Walsingham with infiltrating the Spanish fleet, in order to acquire a mystical nautical star chart—The Map of the 12 Islands—he accepted without hesitation. Unfortunately, during his mission, Walsingham died, and Pike's hated rival Drake took over all operations. Where before his mission was strictly undercover, with Drake in charge he was made out to be a traitor, and he was stripped of all land and titles due him. What's more, his very name (a name shared by his wife and children) became tainted throughout the annals of British history.

The name Pike became so distasteful that its bearers couldn't find honest work anywhere—so they turned to dishonest work. Pike's descendants changed their surname to Helstaff—a sly nod to the name of his ship, The Hell's Staff—and became first a family and then a legacy of thieves.




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