Being an Undead/Slayer is all about finding balance within yourself and within your life in every way, every day.

This sign swings from extreme to extreme to find harmony. You can be a people-pleaser one minute and a domineering rule-maker the next. Uncertainty, lack of self-belief/confidence and the need to fit in hinders the Undead/Slayer’s ability to empathize with others. Instead of just accepting these weaknesses, you need to understand them and let them go.

Your love for the arts creates a wonderful outlet for your passion and creativity, which you use to hide your true feelings. This is because you are not the type to raise your hand or put yourself “out there.” Consequently, you let opportunities for success and accomplishment pass you by.

The Undead/Slayer has much internal power plus much spiritual power, but often you are uncertain how and where to use this, which causes indecisiveness and the inability to make choices, preventing you from positively affecting the lives of others.

As an Undead/Slayer your destiny is to discover the honor and balance between what is in your best interests and what is in the best interests of those around you.
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NAME: Sospira

SIGN: Undead

FACET: Stranger

AGE: 100 (but 18 in appearance)

ERA: 19th Century

NATIONALITY: Italian-born, now nationless

ETHNICITY: Caucasian




POSITIVES: Transcendental, Powerful, Spiritual

NEGATIVES: Naïve, Undisciplined, Detached


NAME: Lemuel Kant IV

SIGN: Slayer

FACET: Fighter

AGE: 17

ERA: 19th Century

NATIONALITY: German-Italian

ETHNICITY: Caucasian




POSITIVES: Soulful, Musical, Empathetic

NEGATIVES: Haunted, Tormented, Rebellious

BACKGROUND: Sospira, the youngest of a small coven of sorceresses known as the Sisters of Sorrow, traveled the countryside with her family preying on the men who would seek to do them harm. Lemuel's demon-hunting father dragged him—a promising musician with no heart for the family business—along on a mission with his men to eliminate the feared Sisters of Sorrow. Unfortunately for the hunters, they were unprepared for the Sisters, who began laying waste to them in horrific fashion. However, Lemuel Kant IV managed to sway the heart of Sospira with his music, and she protected him and his father from her Sisters' wrath. When it was over, Sospira's Sisters banished her from their coven for daring to spare the lives of men, while Lemuel's father, too ashamed to face his son, denounced him as his own and left him. Thus bereft of family, Sospira and Lemuel joined forces in hopes of finding the root cause of the animosity between the Sisters and the demon hunters. The root which rests in an ancient book, The Tome of the 12 Spirits...




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