Super Hero
You are not called a Superhero for nothing. You expect from those around you nothing less than what you expect from yourself.

The Superhero has a huge need for glory, kudos and respect, but as we know pride can often come before a fall.

You will fight tirelessly with formidable strength for all that you believe in, showing vigilance, dedication and loyalty that is second to none. However, being able to see things from another perspective is often just not in your DNA.

Although you have a big heart, the Superhero has even bigger ego. Therefore, even as you give much of yourself to others, you will always take care of #1—yourself—first and foremost. Drama is often a great part of your life as also the need to express who you are and what you are feeling, but this is what makes the Superhero seem ten feet tall and bulletproof in a crisis.

Your destiny as a Superhero is to save the world, but your dilemma will always be to do so with an open mind and because it is the right thing to do, and not for all the appreciation and glory that this will bring you personally.
Character Header

NAME: Dana Denner (née Ruth Rochester)

SIGN: Superhero

FACET: Fighter

AGE: 23

SEX: Female

ERA: 1940s


ETHNICITY: Caucasian




POSITIVES: Nigh-invulnerable, Selfless, Vigilant

NEGATIVES: Strict Black/White Moral Code, Pious, Condescending

BACKGROUND: Dana Danner (née Ruth Rochester) made her living as a pin-up model in the early 1940s, under the stage name of Americana. Her popularity helped bolster the confidence of U.S. troops serving in the European and Pacific theaters during WWII, and her photos decorated many a barracks wall or bomber's nose art. But there's more to Americana than just a pretty face; she was also a superhuman super-soldier capable of flight, as well as increased strength, speed and endurance. She used these talents to engage in hands-on support of the war effort in Europe and North Africa. However, this was not merely an act of national pride, but a means of self-preservation. As one of the surviving child test subjects of a government program attempting to turn the concept of patriotism into a physical construct, Dana's abilities and well-being were directly tied to the real and perceived prosperity and strength of the U.S. When the war ended, she sought to retire to civilian life in hopes of finding out who she really was. To do so would require her to track down the other 11 children who were part of the initial experiments that made her. Unfortunately, with the the rise of Communism, the U.S. wanted to keep her active. Dana refused and soon found herself an enemy in her own country...

With her abilities connected psychogeographically to the Union, as the nation changes so do her powers. As a girl during the Great Depression, for instance, she developed a form of photosynthesis to draw sustenance from the sun as a response to a diminished food supply. The 21st Century into which she arrives shifts her abilities yet again.




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