The Alien overflows with ambition and the need to succeed in every way.

You can manipulate others with ease due to your heightened intelligence and need to get to the top of your desired field. You are intensely stubborn, enigmatic and suspicious.

The Alien’s inability to trust comes from a lack of deep self-belief. You know you are smart, but is that really so? Are you as sharp as the next person, or is there knowledge being kept from you? This can make you own worst enemy and completely ruthless in this dogged desire to acquire what you may feel is being hidden from you.

You should know that you will always get what you want and reach where you need to be in life, because your tenacity and desire for success will not allow you to achieve anything less.

As an Alien, you will do well to learn to share and trust in yourself more, so that those around can respond in kind. What you put forth is what you get back, but your inherent stubbornness and self-absorption can stop you from discovering this about yourself.

Your destiny is the search for that faith in yourself to act now with the knowledge you already have, rather than waiting for a day to know more, a day that may never come.
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NAME: Sabot Wain

SIGN: Alien

FACET: Stranger

AGE: Ageless

SEX: Female

ERA: Timeless






POSITIVES: Intelligent, Technophile, Persuasive

NEGATIVES: Secretive, Suspicious, Indiscernible

BACKGROUND: Sabot Wain is the harbinger of The Entrope, an ancient entity born from the creation of the universes and that seeks to return all worlds to darkness. One of the first four beings to stand (and fall) against The Entrope, Sabot Wain was transformed into its emissary, tasked with finding universes for its master to destroy. Though unable to openly defy The Entrope due to the entity's control over her, Sabot Wain actively searches for those universes containing elements capable of stopping the ancient force and to free her from her servitude.

When astrophysicists Dr. Silas and Freya Strickland's experiments with the four unstable continuum particles (believed to be the base elements of existence) expose the couple to the particles' unique energies and tear open a portal in space and time. Sabot Wain emerges from this rift and attempts to warn the scientists to gather “The 12” in hopes of stopping the Entrope. But The Entrope's programming takes over and Sabot Wain attacks the Stricklands. She throws Freya into the open portal, sending her into Earth's past. Silas, in hopes of saving his wife, leaps in after her, and winds up in a different era entirely.

Sabot Wain goes about preparing the way for The Entrope by terraforming the Earth, but in the deep recesses of her heart where her master cannot see, the real Sabot Wain is content that she has set in motion events that may well lead to the end of The Entrope. Though a villain on the surface, Sabot Wain is a reluctant one, incapable of exercising free will as she tries to free herself, and the multiverse, from bondage.




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