As a Wizard, you move through life absorbing and gathering knowledge from everyone you encounter, making your wisdom and intuition second to none.

Your ability to care and show compassion to all living things is without judgement and has no limits. Consequently, you can also be gullible and overly accepting of others. But the Wizard is by no means stupid, and can see through the pretense into the souls of friends and foes. Your loyalty and understanding run deep and it takes much to break either, but once broken, they can rarely ever be repaired.

To a Wizard the feelings and well being of others is paramount. You will often put such external needs well ahead of your own. To this end, you have a need to retreat into your own space at times, recoup your energy and absorb all that you have seen, felt and heard.

The Wizard’s destiny is to learn to care and empathize from a position of detachment and to know that no amount of wisdom can help change the future when you put yourself first, and see your own needs as being the most important in the Universe.
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NAME: Jabir al-Hakam

SIGN: Wizard

FACET: Scholar

AGE: 55

SEX: Male

ERA: 12th Century






POSITIVES: Wise, Worldly, Naturalist

NEGATIVES: Aloof, Didactic, Clandestine

BACKGROUND: Jabir al-Hakam (“The Judge”) is a polymath and scientist in the classical mold; his interests and proficiencies are one and the same, proving himself equally adept at everything from mathematics and astronomy to meteorology and alchemy. His understanding of the physical world is so vast and daunting that many have deemed him a wizard—some out of respect and others pejoratively. Operating in 12th century Alexandria, Jabir spends his days testing his hypotheses and instructing the youth of his town, in hopes that they will appreciate the world as he has. One of his alchemical adventures opened up his consciousness, and in a trancelike state he composed a mystical Zodiac Chart. This chart was comprised of 12 new signs, based around four chief facets: scholar, fighter, rogue and stranger. The emir of Alexandria at the time, Saladin, believed that this chart would give its bearer the power to see the future—a crucial advantage during the Second Crusade—and sought the means to have it for himself. Jabir, however, knew that his chart held a greater power: to save the world from destruction. But to do so he would need to gather the avatars of all 12 signs...




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