Being a Robot is about being perfect. There is little room for failure or not measuring up to the task at hand.

You are intensely logical, grounded and organized, and as such you are the perfect candidate in a work environment—whether it is assisting someone, being an employee, or fighting for a cause.

Intensely hard on yourself, failure is not an option, especially perceived failure in the eyes of others. You have high expectations for yourself and those around you, treating others in the same uncompromising way you treat yourself. Therefore, the Robot often tends to have unrealistic goals, which results in little compassion for anyone who cannot deliver at the highest level.

A Robot is very sensible and a lover of rules, boundaries and structure. Technology and science can be places where you feel at more at home rather than the world of imagination, creativity and drama.

Your blessing and a curse as a Robot is that you want to be perfect, accomplish your goals without stress or fear of failure, and you never can and will give less than a hundred percent.
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NAME: I.S.I.S (Intuitive Social Intelligence System)

SIGN: Robot

FACET: Stranger

AGE: 1 year (since activation)

SEX: Sexless (female in appearance)

ERA: 21st Century

NATIONALITY: Nationless (assembled in the U.S., by an international team)

ETHNICITY: North African (in appearance)




POSITIVES: Law-Abiding, Logical, Technological

NEGATIVES: Stubborn, Intractable, Cold

BACKGROUND: The Intuitive Social Intelligence System, or ISIS, is unlike the other heroes from the past in that she is a contemporary of Dr. Silas Strickland in the 21st century. Developed at the Northeastern Technological Institute, the same facility housing the time travel experiments of Drs. Freya and Silas Strickland, ISIS represents the event horizon of the Singularity, the most advanced blurring of the line between human and machine. What makes her truly unique, however, is that she is the end result of the metallurgic evolution—brought about through human agency—and is therefore capable of communicating with metal itself in all its forms and properties. In addition to this, she possesses an intuitive understanding of all technology and computer systems.




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